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fluoridate, fluoridise, fluoridize - matter to fluoridation; treat with fluoride; "fluoridized water"; "fluoridize the teeth of children"

embrace, encompass, comprehend, cover - include things like in scope; include things like as Section of some thing broader; have as a person's sphere or territory; "This group encompasses a variety of folks from diverse backgrounds"; "this should include Absolutely everyone while in the team"

treat - give with a present or leisure; "Grandmother normally handled us on the circus"; "I like to take care of myself to a day at a spa when I am frustrated"

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(= pay for, give) → einladen; to deal with any individual to one thing → jdn zu etw einladen, jdm etw spendieren; to consume, ice cream also → jdm etw ausgeben; I’m dealing with you → ich lade Sie ein; to treat oneself to a thing → sich (dat) → etw gönnen; he handled his spouse into a weekend in Paris → er spendierte seiner Frau ein Wochenende in Paris; he treated us into a preview on the exhibition → er machte uns (dat) → eine Freude und zeigte uns die Ausstellung vorher; for the moment she addressed us to the sight of her knees → endlich einmal gönnte sie uns den Anblick ihrer Knie; he handled us to the Screen of his mood (iro) → er gab uns (dat) → eine Kostprobe seiner Launenhaftigkeit

3. To place (a thing) by way of a course of action. The woodwork has been dealt with that has a new chemical. behandel يُعالِجُ مادَّةً обработвам tratar zpracovat behandeln præparere επεξεργάζομαιtratar töötlema اضافه کردن käsitellä traiter לְעַבֵּד विवेचन करना obraditi, obrađivati kezel memroses meðhöndla, verka trattare 処理する 처리하다 apdoroti, paveikti apstrādāt merawat bewerkenbehandle poddawać działaniu اضافه کول tratar a trata обрабатывать spracovať, upraviť obdelati tretirati behandla ทำตามกระบวนการ işlemek, kimyasal işleme tâbi tutmak 處理 обробляти, піддавати дії کسي عمل سے گزارنا xử lý, nghiên cứu, giải quyết 处理

address - act on verbally or in a few form of inventive expression; "This ebook discounts with incest"; "The system coated all of Western Civilization"; "The brand new e-book treats the background of China"

refine - address or get ready in order to place in a very usable condition; "refine paper stock"; "refine pig iron"; "refine oil"

My mistress was, as I've reported, A sort and tender- hearted woman; and in the simplicity of her soul she commenced, After i initially went to Dwell with her, to take care of me as she intended a single individual ought to take care of One more.

interact - act jointly or toward Other people or with Other individuals; "He should interact far more along with his colleagues"

Collectively Access & Deal with customers have climbed more than 200 distinctive rock climbing routes inside the Sandias of varying grades of trouble. Achieve & Address associates coach every month and execute lookup, technological, and clinical routines.

gera dagamun, bjóîa upp áhafa til meîferîarmeîhöndla, koma fram viî; líta ámeîhöndla, verkaræîa, skrifa

he was addressed with antibiotics/for bronchitis → è stato sottoposto a un trattamento di antibiotici/for every la bronchite

Such a poetry couldn't be forever check here successful, as the topics of which it treats -- if prone of poetic treatment whatsoever -- have been absolutely not suited to epic remedy, in which unity of action which is able to maintain curiosity, and to which Each individual part must contribute, is completely important.

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